Weirdsperiments: Semolenta

What happens when you can’t decide between semolina and polenta?

Behold!  My creation!




Weirdsperiments: Semolenta

The Semolina Adventure

About six months ago, I came across this recipe.

Creamy Semolina with Roasted Mushrooms (click here for link)


I knew semolina was a wheat flour used to make pasta, but beyond that, I knew nothing else about it.  So I decided that if I were ever to encounter semolina in a grocery store, I would give it a try.

Well!  At Carrefour today, I finally came across a bag of this mystical creamy treat.  How thrilling.  I decided I couldn’t wait on mushrooms and chicken to make the rest of Food & Wine’s dish, so I scaled the cooking instructions down to a single serving just so that I could try it.

Here it is, strategically smooshed between the chipa mix and bread flour

I threw in some cheese, and served it with some sliced avocado and cherry tomatoes on the side.  (No picture of that.)

semolina cooking
I ❤ trying new starches!!!

The dish tasted oddly…familiar.  The texture and color were really familiar too.  It almost reminded me of something I used to eat as a kid.

Could this be…




I must learn the truth.  Wikipedia?  Please tell me what’s in “farina?

Well.  That settles it.  I made farina.

Whoops.  At least I now have something new to eat for breakfast.

The Semolina Adventure