Armenian Coffee-Ground Reading

This is Leandro.  Today, he experienced the reading of the coffee grounds.

reading coffee grounds - cup upside down
I always serve coffee upside-down.

This is how it works.  Short version: when you’re finished with a cup of Armenian coffee, it’ll have some sediment left at the bottom.  You turn your cup upside down in the saucer, exchange cups with your coffee-break companion (it’s bad luck to see your own), and interpret the images left by the trails of grounds on the inside of the cup.

Example: “I see clouds and a large, steep hill, with rays of sunshine on the other side of the hill.  It could be that you have a great challenge ahead of you, and clear skies ahead once you’ve overcome it.”

These were the type of insights that I shared with Leandro about his future.  Here’s what he saw in my cup:

“It looks like an Oreo.”

“…You’re supposed to be looking at the sides of the cup, not the bottom.”


My complete fortune:

  • a penis on the beach (meaning: “I will encounter a penis on the beach”)
  • a naked guy dancing…he looks happy.
  • a “Bambi head” trophy mounted on the wall
  • “poop…and then clean.”

Looking forward to my future.

Armenian Coffee-Ground Reading