Chocolinas Chocolate Bars (VICTORY AT LAST)

It’s nearly 1:30am, I barely slept last night, and I have to go in to work early tomorrow.  And it’s been a long month of unpublicized dessert fails.  But I needed to come back to my blog right away to tell the world the news:


Yes.  I DID IT.  I invented a recipe, and it is an extremely enjoyable sugary snack.

mission accomplished

Okay, so admittedly, it barely qualifies as a recipe because there are only two ingredients and it does not involve any kind of baking or actual work at all.  Oh well.

They, uhh…they taste a lot better than they look.  I swear.

chocolate bars
What did I do with those last spoonfuls of leftover cookie crumbs? What any adult would do…poured in some milk and ate them like cereal.

Chocolinas Chocolate Bars

halloween graveyard cheesecake
This recipe was born out of the tupperware of crumbs hanging out in my pantry after making this extremely silly cheesecake.  (See them there, lurking in the background? Just waiting to become chocolate bars?)

Ingredients (for two bars):
80g (2.8 oz) very good-quality semisweet chocolate
Chocolinas crumbs (basically oreos without the filling, but you could use another dry crunchy cookie)

Your Chocolinas should be pulverized nearly to dust in the food processor.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave, making sure that it stays in temper.  When your chocolate is fully melted, add about 4-5 heaping tablespoonfuls of Chocolinas crumbs and stir it in.  Keep adding cookie dust until the chocolate can’t take on any more.

Spoon it out onto foil and spread it into two rough bar shapes.  Let them set.

Don’t store them in the fridge (Mom).  Really.  Don’t.  They’ll be too hard and it’ll throw off the texture, which is the most enjoyable part.

The texture is really unique – I can’t even think of a comparison for it.  Kinda chewey, but it’s still clearly chocolate when you’re biting into it.  Highly recommended for when you’re bored, or have a tupperware of edible graveyard dirt and can’t think of any better way to use it up.

Chocolinas Chocolate Bars (VICTORY AT LAST)

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