Square Chocolate Pie of Mediocrity

This doesn’t get the “crap” tag because it’s not crappy.  But it’s not great.

I’m auditioning chocolate pies this week because I’m baking for a birthday on Saturday.  This one is going in the “no” pile.  (This is the beauty of doing a test run, though.)

finished chcocolate pie
Notice anything unusual?

Yes, the pie is square.  9″ pie pans don’t exist here.  Instead, I have an 11″ tart pan, which is enormous and renders your pie very flat and unappealing.  A pie pancake.  So my brownie pan was the only thing I had in the right size.

Recipe here – I followed it exactly.

Okay, no, I didn’t.  There are no store-bought pie crusts here either, and I was too lazy to make one – so I made a cookie crumb crust with 170g of crushed chocolate cookie crumbs and about 100g of melted butter.  Oven it for 10 minutes on 350° and let it cool.

chocolate crust crumbs
Round peg in a square hole?

On to the rest, for which I did actually follow the recipe.

pudding cooking
This looks weird.

**Short Interlude**

I took a break for a capuccino juice box.  Does this expandable straw remind you of anything?

tampon straw 1

tampon straw 2

**end interlude**

Back to the pie.

pie sliced with weepy meringue

My meringue was sad…it was weeping.  It also had the texture of packing foam.  Sadly, I will not be making this again.

Square Chocolate Pie of Mediocrity

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