Oreo Popcorn

From here.

oreo popcorn
A nutritious snack

Butter & salt
White chocolate

“Paula Dean’s Isis bomb for Kevin Costner’s movies snack”
– Leandro

Step 1. pop popcorn.  Note: 2/3 of a cup of kernels will produce a 6-quart pot filled to the brim with popcorn.  Oops.

too much popcorn
More life advice: clean your stove more often than I clean mine

Step 2. butter and salt a few cups of popped popcorn and set it aside for a minute.  Then step 3: chop up some Oreos into little bits.

Step 4. pour melted white chocolate over the popcorn and mix it up.  Then pour in the crushed Oreos and mix again.

Step 5. eat it.

oreo popcorn close-up
Salt & sugar
Oreo Popcorn

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