Man Bars

Made these last Monday.  Saw them on Pinterest and I had to do it.

man bars close up
help how do i food photography
toasting walnuts
Tip: toast the walnuts. Who likes non-toasted walnuts? NO ONE.

No, I do not know why they’re called “man bars.”  The recipe comes from South Your Mouth, a southern food blogger who claims copyright on all her shit.  Since I get enough DMCA takedown emails at work, I will just link to the recipe and give you my pretty pictures:


Highlights of the ingredients list:
Graham cracker crumbs
Sweetened condensed milk
Chocolate chips
Chopped walnuts
Powdered sugar

filling the pan
The mixture actually tasted better before cooking it.


paper stuck to man bars
Another tip: grease the paper. Or you will be getting some extra fiber today.
cutting the man bars
Cut and sugared bars of man – paper mostly all removed.  (Kidding.  It was all removed.  Mostly.)

She didn’t name the recipe, but she has a few theories about why they’re called “man bars:”

  1. because men must like them
  2. because “they’re so easy, even a man could make them”
  3. because “if you have these, you won’t need a man!”

(Apparently it’s not 2015 in the south yet.)

Man Bars

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